Busy Bots Space Management is a Greensboro,NC based cleaning service. Our team strives to provide personalized cleaning experiences for each customer to optimize their housekeeping experience. When we clean your space, we do not neglect the small details that most cleaning services often fail to notice. This includes dusting reachable corners, polishing bathroom and kitchen metal work where applicable, and re-aligning small fixtures, decorative accessories, and plants for aesthetic restoration. We believe that great cleaning services are well-defined experiences, but the BEST cleaning experiences also cover the details that are usually overlooked.

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Our Services

We offer every customer three distinct pricing packages that outline our different levels of cleaning services. These options include our Classic “General Cleaning” Package, Premium “Deep Cleaning” Package, and Economy "Basic Cleaning" Package.

We clearly define these services and allow plenty of room for personalization with add-on services to accommodate your cleaning needs. Read about our services and download the service list documents below to determine which package is right for you!


Classic Package

Perfect for those who just need a routine maintenance cleaning. Includes floor-to ceiling dusting and thorough cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms.

Premium Package

Sometimes a basic cleaning wont address all of your home’s needs and a deep cleaning is what you need to restore the overall cleanliness of your home.

Economy Package

Great for those who only need the basics.  Using our recurring residential cleaning services is a great way to make sure that your home stays clean on a regular basis.

add-on Services

In addition to our multiple cleaning packages, we have created the following add-on services to allow customers to personalize their housekeeping experience.

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